AC-V700A Sony

AC-V700A Sony Charger

Original Sony 8mm and Mini Digital Video Handycam quick Charger
Item Number: AC-V700A

  • InfoLITHIUM quick charger, adaptor and batteries for L series and F100 series camcorders
  • Quick charge for last minute recordings
  • Quick Charger and AC Adaptor. AC 100-240Volt
  • Compatible Batteries: L Series, F100 Series
  • Suitable for charging from mains power supply
  • Buzzer notifies user when charging is complete
  • Supplied with cables DK-215 and DK415
  • Multi-voltage allows charging worldwide
  • Intelligent display accurately displays charging time left and remaining battery life in minutes

  • No Longer Available

    Click here for the new replacement.

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    AC-V700A Sony Charger