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110 - 240 Volts

The Mach 1 SpeedCharger for 3.6 and 6 Volt NiMH/NiCD batteries, is a revolutionary camcorder battery powering system that rapidly and efficiently charges rechargeable 3.6 and 6 Volt batteries. It provides maximum energy to 3.6 and 6 Volt batteries 2x faster than traditional chargers. Using the patented NeoTherm® technology, the MSC366 continuously monitors, conditions and maintains the quality and durability of the battery, which can extend the life of the battery up to five times longer than most charging systems. The battery charging process has never been easier – charge up your batteries at home or on the road in a plug-in cigarette adapter!

  • Charges and Reconditions 3.6 & 6 Volt Lithium Ion / NiMH/NiCd Batteries 2X Faster Than Traditional Chargers

  • Fits: Sharp, Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Hitachi, & More
    Reconditioner for 3.6V Sharp Viewcam Li-ion (BT-L2 / 12U),3.6 volt Sharp Viewcam Nicad / NiMh(BT-N1U,BT-H21U / 22U / 32U / 42U), Plus Nicad / NiMh batteries for 6V 8mm / VHS-C camcorders

  • Capability of charging 110 Volt to 240 Volt AC and 12 Volt DC

  • Includes DC car cord and AC adapter

  • Three Year Warranty

  • Includes plates for Sony NP-F550/750/950, NP-FM50/70/90, Panasonic CGR-D120/220 and JVC BNV-408/416/428

  • NeoTherm® technology delivers rapid charge by continuous measuring and optimizing energy acceptance level

  • Charges battery from any level to full capacity without overcharging
    Stabilizes temperature to keep battery from overheating

No Longer Available