Battery Bank Location

The Battery Bank was established in 1977 to service the battery needs of the independent retailer. We are now a woman owned distribution house that specializes in all aspects of industry but especially on servicing the needs of the electrical industry as well as all facets of the hospitality market. As technology changes, The Battery Bank has continued to remain on the cutting edge of both battery chemistry and technology. We are a distributor for the major manufacturers in the industry including Eveready Energizer, Duracell, Power-Sonic, Sony, Craftsman, and many, many others. In 1995, we began in house assembly work for a variety of applications including keyless entry systems, safes, electronic test equipment, medical equipment and back up lighting systems. In 1997, we introduced our first web site which presently specializes in video batteries and related accessories, In 2000, we introduced specializing in both digital and traditional camera batteries, film, bags, and memory. In 2003, we more than doubled our warehouse space when we moved into our new corporate headquarters. In 2006, we began construction (which still continues) on our newest website, , which specializes in our “business to business” accounts. As we begin our 31st year, The Battery Bank continues to specialize in providing large end users with fresh product, outstanding service, and competitive pricing.

Battery bank Location