PK-903 Camcorder Battery

PK-903 Original and Replacement Camcorder Batteries

PK-903 Camcorder battery replacements, chargers, adapters, power cords and accessories are listed below.

  • PK-903 Camcorder Battery Replacements
  • Rechargeable, No Memory, Lead Acid PK-903 Camcorder battery
  • PK-903 Camcorder Battery for Panasonic Camcorders
  • No Memory Battery can be fully charged from any level with no reduction in capacity
  • 100% compatible with original equipment chargers
Product Description Features Price
• Rechargeable No Memory Lead Acid
Camcorder Battery for Panasonic,RCA,Sears,Chinon
and others.
• 12V / 2300mAh SLIM "Slide in type"
• Up to 2.5 hours recording time
• No Memory Battery can be fully charged from any level with no reduction in capacity
• 100% compatible with original equipment chargers
•Length: 7.17 Inches
Width: .94 Inches
Height: 2.42 Inches
Height Over Terminal: 2.42 Inches

12V, 2300 mah
Lead Acid



Camcorder Battery Charger Features Price

Charges most full-size camcorder batteries in 1 hour
Works with JVC/Panasonic VHS-C (9.6v), Panasonic VHS (12v),
PV-BP80, PV-BP88 RCA/Hitachi
VHS (9.6v/10v/12v), Sharp VHS
(12v) RCA CBC-060,CBC-
,BT-22 and more.
More Info....

  • Charges 6v &12V
    camcorder batteries
  • LED display for charge/discharge status
  • Built-in battery refresher


PV-A23. 1 Hour Charge time.
Panasonic CC1220 Charger AC Adapter for 12V VHSCamcorders.

AC adapter included.
Charges all 12v lead acid camcorder batteries (PV-BP50/80/88/type).
Powers Panasonic, Magnavox, GE full-size camcorders through AC adapterc.
It supports 12V VHS camcorder batteries!
More Info...

  • Charges 12v camcorder batteries

  • Powers Camcorder through AC adapter

  • LED display for charge/discharge status



We distribute high quality products for your Panasonic PK-903 camcorder, all of our camcorder batteries and camcorder battery chargers are tested for voltage, capacity, compatibility and safety to exceed original equipment specifications.

Purchasing OEM Panasonic PK-903 Camcorder Batteries vs. Aftermarket Batteries

Aftermarket camcorder batteries are usually lower in price ,but exceed the performance of OEM Panasonic PK-903 camcorder batteries. Many aftermarket camcorder batteries use the same battery cells as OEM Panasonic PK-903 Batteries.

Will aftermarket Batteries Work with My Panasonic PK-903 Battery Charger?

Our camcorder batteries will work with your OEM Panasonic PK-903 charger. Many of our camcorder batteries are made with the same battery cells as Panasonic PK-903 camcorder batteries.Our batteries are designed to original manufacturer's specifications, and will meet or exceed original Panasonic PK-903 camcorder batteries.

Panasonic PK-903 Batteries are rated at 12 Volts, 2300. The Panasonic PK-903 battery replacements delivers power when you need it . It has been specially designed to meet the power needs of your Panasonic PK-903 camcorder and will help you power up on trips or vacations.

Panasonic PK-903

PK-903 Camcorder Battery