CGR-D28A Camcorder Battery

    Panasonic CGR-D28A Camcorder Battery.

    CGR-D28A Camcorder battery replacements, chargers, adapters, power cords and accessories are listed below.

    • CGR-D28A Camcorder Battery Replacements
    • Rechargeable No Memory Lithium Ion
    • Camcorder Battery for Panasonic Camcorders
    • No Memory Battery can be fully charged from any level with no reduction in capacity
    • 100% compatible with original equipment chargers

Charging Camcorder Batteries

CGR-D28A camcorder battery

CGR-D28A camcorder battery

CGR-D28A camcorder battery


Manufacturer: VID-PRO inc
This is the same size battery as CGR-D28 battery (2&1/4" on the height.). with 3600 mAh capacity, Priced at $39.95 only. Your original charger will charge this battery.

Voltage: 7.2 Volt
Output: 3600mah

(High Capacity, Longer Record Time)


2 1/4"L x 1 3/8"W x 2 1/16"H
CGR-D28A Camcorder Battery



Camcorder Battery Charger Features Price
CGR-D28A Camcorder Battery

The Power-2000 RTC-Series Charger is a mini battery charger that surpasses all original factory requirements and standards.
• Direct Plug-In 110-220 Volts.
• AC/DC Supplied With Car Adapter.
• Charges Most Batteries in 30-60 Minutes.
• Dual LED, Power / Charger Indicator.




Universal Lithium Ion Camera/Camcorder Battery Charger

Using the Lenmar MSC1LX2 universal battery charger to charge your lithium ion camera/camcorder batteries, you'll be back to shooting in as little as a half hour. With AC and DC adapters, you can recharge at home, or on the go, in the car.

Included with your oder:
Battery Charger, Adapters, AC Adapter, DC Car Cord/Cigarette Adapter

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•Adapter Plates For Sony, Nikon, Kodak, Pentax, Casio, JVC, Sharp, Fuji, Hitachi, Samsung, Olympus, Minolta, Nikon, And Panasonic Batteries

•Compatible With Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries Rated From 3.6V To 7.4V

•LED Charge Status Lights



CGR-D28A Camcorder Battery

Panasonic OEM AC/DC Adapter/Charger for Digital Palmcorder

More Info....

Panasonic (PV-DAC11A) OEM AC/DC Adapter/Charger for Digital Palmcorder

Works with CGR-D220A, CGR-D08A, CGR-D16A and CGR-D28A

Charge Status LED

DC-Out Jack to power camcorder directly from AC

Multi voltage 100~240 volts


* These replacement camcorder batteries are compatible with the following models:

CGR-D08, CGR-D08A, CGR-D08A-1B, CGR-D120, CGR-D120A.
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We distribute high quality products for your CGR-D28A camcorder, all of our camcorder batteries and camcorder battery chargers are tested for voltage, capacity, compatibility and safety to exceed original equipment specifications.

Purchasing OEM CGR-D28A Camcorder Batteries vs. Aftermarket Batteries

Aftermarket camcorder batteries are usually lower in price ,but exceed the performance of OEM CGR-D28A camcorder batteries. Many aftermarket camcorder batteries use the same battery cells as OEM CGR-D28ABatteries.

Will aftermarket Batteries Work with My CGR-D28A Battery Charger?

Our camcorder batteries will work with your OEM CGR-D28A charger. Many of our camcorder batteries are made with the same battery cells as Panasonic CGR-D28A camcorder batteries.Our batteries are designed to original manufacturer's specifications, and will meet or exceed original Panasonic CGR-D28A camcorder batteries.

Panasonic CGR-D28A Batteries deliver power when you need it . It has been specially designed to meet the power needs of your Panasonic CGR-D28A camcorder and will help you power up on trips or vacations.

Panasonic CGR-D28A

CGR-D28A Camcorder Battery